Millies HVAC


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Website | (703) 280-1680
2567 Chain Bridge Rd UNIT 2E, Vienna, VA 22181, USA

Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 2567 Chain Bridge Rd UNIT 2E, Vienna, VA 22181, USA
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Google Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars (48 total ratings)

Michi Jones
5 Star
Millies is Excellent they put in myHome heating system @ 9pm it was an Emergency in October my personal friend for years works there Mark and he and his co- workers came right over and took care of my problem ...with a quickness Excellent ladies lock I'm Millies for All your HVAC needs and questions very very friendly
Tuesday 12th March 2024
Botan Karim
1 Star
Do not contact Millies HVAC service to resolve your heating system problems. They will misdiagnose your issue and not even provide you with a quote in a timely manner! Take your money elsewhere! I had a heating system issue at my home and contacted Millies HVAC on New Year's Eve to diagnose the issue and provide me a quote for the repair the day of service. They were kind enough to send a technician on January 2nd and luckily it was a warm week for January, so I wasn't in much of a rush. Millies HVAC mentioned that I should expect a surcharge of approximately $60 for a technician's visit that would also go towards the repair of my heating system. This isn't a problem because it is how many services operate. The technicians initially misdiagnosed my system by informing me that both of my control boards had to be replaced ($$$). The technician then mentioned later on that my electric heat kit was faulty ($$$) and that my control boards were actually fine. I found this odd because the only heat that was originating from my house was due to auxiliary heat - and not the heat pump. The auxiliary heat and the emergency heat originate from the same source and I knew that wasn't the problem because the emergency heat function in our house also worked. The technician mentioned that he would provide me a quote within a few hours after leaving. Upon reaching out to him later in the day, he mentioned that his supplier was closed due to the observed holiday and would provide me with the quote the following morning. I recognized this issue and knew that it wasn't a problem. The next day still goes by without a response from the technician. Then on January 4th at noon I contacted Millies HVAC over the phone and requested the quote. The supervisor told me that he would email me the quote the following morning because he was going to go out for lunch! I ended up replacing the capacitor the following day of my unit and it resolved all fault messages and error codes and my heating system is working as expected. I experienced awful service from Millies HVAC this past week, and my family and I were lucky that it wasn't freezing outside. They refused to give me a quote in a timely manner and the quote I was expecting was for an issue that would not have resolved my heating system problems because all that had to be replaced was my capacitor.
Wednesday 4th January 2023
Merkena Cooper
1 Star
I wish I could give zero stars. Horrible service. Do not use this company. Better off spending a little more money for a more reputable company. Their technician Marvin sucks. He is never on time for appointments. Always an excuse. No courtesy call to let the customer know he is running late. Unprofessional.
Monday 28th August 2023
Balal Arshid
1 Star
My AC was not cooling the house. Contacted Service doctors, AKA Millie's HVAC in 062021. They recommend to replace my HVAC and furnace but did not recommend replacement of evaporator coil. In 2022, start of summer season, AC was not cooling the house again. The unit had no freon indicating leak that was left undiagnosed. For 2 visits they filled with unit with Freon and eventually on 3rd visit told me I needed the evaporator coil replaced. They did not show up one appointment and delayed another appointment at last minute. Unfortunately, they misdiagnosed and I was changed with an additional amount to pay for evaporator coil. Poor service by acting manager, Kamal who refused to bring this issue up to owner and stated I can only speak to him. Of note, the technician notified the owner at time of leak who did not pay much attention to what the technician was saying, indicating they made a mistake by not replacing the evaporator coil. Would not use this company again as they lack to take responsibilities, not showing up/delaying appointment, poor diagnostic assessments, lack of professional behavior by acting manager and owner does not want to be involved when there is an issue.
Wednesday 3rd August 2022
John Newton
1 Star
They gave me the same bologna they gave someone else that my technician is on an emergency and can't come today like they promised. I have to go another day in 95 degree heat without air conditioning. They say 24 hours a day 365 days a year on their invoice. I guess that is except when your technician is busy with someone else. They didn't even bother to call to tell me they could not come as promised. I had to call them. I will not be using this company again.
Monday 9th August 2021